The best communication channel
for your customers

Connect with your customers

Your customers will get all promotional news, documents... 

A new way to communicate with your customers and build customer loyalty.

Customers are able to communicate directly with the representative through the customer portal and send requests, work orders or questions.

Give them visibility

Your customers will be able to access their sales history, their account statement or the status of their orders. Eliminating the need to call into the office.

They will also be able to check prices or inventory availability from your product catalog.

Increase your recurring revenues

With the integrated order taking system, your customers can place orders themselves with accurate pricing and stock availability.

Process customer orders instantly thanks to our native synchronization with the ERP.

Many upselling/cross-selling features will help customers to set favorite products and browse recent products to enhance their user experience and create opportunity to increase sales.

Reduce invoice to payment time

Integrated order taking system allows you to ship and deliver orders faster. This in turn speeds up invoicing and improves customer service.

Beyond better customer service, our online payment system allows the customer to pay invoices instantly. This drastically reduces the time between invoicing and payment and reduces the risk of non-payment. 


The customer can manage and update their personal information.

Reduce invoice to payment process. With the customer portal, your customers can check their sales history, account statement and make online payments. Our system will automatically notify your customers when invoices are generated or if they remain unpaid.

Customers have access to your product catalogue and linked documents. They can check prices and availabilities.

Customers can place orders themselves. They will be able to start from a previous order or quote, accept quotations and pay online.

Increase customer service thanks to our communication tool. Customers can message with their representatives if they have any questions or an issue. 

Marketing or technical documents are easily viewable.