Manage your warehouse
improve efficiency and reduce errors

Inventory receiving

Quantity adjustment

Order picking

Location optimization

Physical or cycle counts

Inventory management for production

Improve inventory availability

With Powerware WMS, receive goods using mobile devices. Flows and availabilities in the system are accelerated in order to provide real time information to customers, employees or manufacturing.

Ease of use physical count

Physical counts are done from the terminal. Reducing the opportunity for errors. 

Improve order picking

You have several ways available to prepare customer orders. One of these modes, the Cross-docking, is the practice of unloading goods from inbound delivery vehicles and loading them directly onto outbound vehicles.

Wave picking can improve the picking and speed. The dispatcher selects and prioritizes orders to be picked and the software does the rest.

Flexibility in organizing the orders to be picked.

Shipping options

You can use several shipping and export management tools to manage the different packaging and content specifiers. We also integrate customs documents in the case of international shipments. No duplication of entries, no time loss.

Optimize efficiency with the digitalization of your warehouse

A variety of solution supports to help make the movement of inventory in the warehouse more efficient. (RD, RFID, WIFI...)