An ERP solution for the Energy Industry

Over the years, Quasimodo has developed a niche expertise in the Energy Industry. A very specific industry that most traditional ERPs don't accommodate. Powerware ERP offers different features to manage your Fuel or lubricant business efficiently.




Basic features

Multi warehouse & bin locations

Inventory management and complete logistics integrated into the ERP system.

Flexible units of measurement

Quantity oriented reports and conversions between different units of measure made easy.

Pricing management

Many different pricing options, including fixed, contract, rack plus to name a few.

Tax Management

Additional taxes like carbon tax, fuel tax etc. made easy.

Bulk deliveries & packaging

Efficiently monitor trucks and delivery routes.


Dedicated module for Purchasing refined products

Planning and Delivery scheduler

The planning and organization of delivery routes. The ability to interface with our delivery management solution, particularly for cylinder tracking.

Accounting system

Transactions update subledger and General Ledger seemlessly.

Dedicated features for Energy companies in our web Apps

Our web ecosystem offers different features for the Energy industry including CRM, Web portal and Delivery Management for mobile.

Fuel Delivery and Peripherals

Delivery Controls

Variety of options for automatic deliveries, including, degree day, fixed days, interval, tank monitor, to name a few.

Option for refinery based pricing

Optimize the pricing structure from each refinery in order to pick the best supplier and reduce costs.

Automatic forecasting

Estimates customer realtime consumption based on several degree/day calculations.


Track your rentals/assets and automate the rental billing.

Equal billing

Easily handle the processing of customers on equal billing.

Fuel industry specific

A complete system to manage your daily fuel activities: contracts, cylinder management, rentals, annual maintenance...


Easily manage and process contracts.