A pionneer of ERP
in Canada

Etablished in 1973, Quasimodo is a pioneer in software development. With almost 50 years of experience and hundreds of customers across Canada, our organization has proven that it has always been able to innovate and adapt to new business demands.

Today we are still moving forward together, hand in hand, with our partners who have trusted us for many years.

Our ERP is the heart of a business and must evolve in a fluid environment. This is why our ERP evolves and expands to the changing demands of the business world with its APIs, EDI interfaces and the various IoT connections that we have created.

It is also the core of an ecosystem of applications for web and mobile uses. This ecosystem's focus is on ergonomy, user-friendliness and availability anywhere from any device.

We meet challenges head on. This allows us to continually grow our expertise in our role as a software developer.

We are also seasoned consultants with an appetite for understanding how companies work differently. We have a good reputation in several industries and are always happy to help with managing challenges.

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We developed the ERP, CRM and various App solutions that we offer.

As such we can offer outstanding service in the training, implementation and support of our applications.

Trusting us means taking advantage of a partnership with the masters of our software applications.

Message from our CEO, Serge Laforge

Our mission : Assist a company’s management team in the improvement of the business process by offering software and consulting services to adapt our solutions to the specific needs of each company. Deliver a wide selection of current software tools at reasonable costs in a short time span with the objective of obtaining a quick ROI (return on investment). In brief, be attentive to the needs of our customers and build a strategic partnership for years to come.

Serge Laforge MBA | CEO