Our team is available to support you in every step of your project. Whether upstream in the definition of your objectives in strategic and consulting missions, in the system implementation phase or in maintenance and support phase.




Users training




Support and improvement


When implementing an ERP, which is a major project, each company has different challenges, priorities and capacities.

Our role as consultant is to support our customers in the various areas of the project from start to finish. 

We collaborate with many companies from various industries and this experience translates into the best business practices for your industry.


Training is probably the most sensitive part of the project. Having the users be involved in the project and capable of integrating their new routine will ensure the best efficiency and autonomy possible.

This is the key of the user adoption and the success of your implementation. That is why we include the users early in the project.

We provide materials and deliver a range of online or face-to-face courses.


In order to accelerate deployment and reduce project costs, we install and configure a basic ERP environment very early.

Our initial analysis will help us to determine the minimal requirements and features that you will need.

We generally try to value the implementation of good business practices in the company instead of going full customizations. That is why we insist on the involvement of users as early as possible in the project. This allows you to appreciate the relevance of our modules and accelerate your learning curve.

Support and improvement

It is on a daily basis that your questions will appear and your needs will be refined and evolve. Our role is then to guarantee support that meets your needs in the start-up phase with, if necessary, iterative phases of customization or additional development to improve the efficiency of the system.

Our customer support team is also there to support you with issues, questions or specific requests.