We offer a range of services and the On-Going Support Plan is very important to ensure the good continuity of the business. Our multidisciplinary staff will be able to assist you so much with the level of the application acquired at Quasimodo but also with the level of the equipment used within the framework of your current businesses.

The software support plan provides our customers with a professional support ensuring a smooth operation of your applications. This plan is offered on a monthly or annual basis.

Services covered by the OSP

Through our professional support team during normal office hours, we will be able to:

  • Help minimize the time lost due to operation errors.
  • Optimize your installed applications and assist you in defining procedures and internal administration process.
  • Provide assistance in defining the file structure best suited for your operation.
  • Assist your personnel to gain better knowledge of the applications and help identify future needs.
  • Provide periodic verification of the libraries.
  • Maintain your applications to their latest version with a minimum of one upgrade a year. Installation time not included.
  • Establish easy communication channel between your personnel and our specialists in order to benefit from their expertise.
  • Help predict problems that could occur and maintain an accurate record of your database expansion and the disk space availability.
  • Ensure high quality phone assistance for new requests, such as the connection of WEB services to your actual environment, in factory or warehouse.
  • Survey your personnel to pinpoint any problem and to track customer satisfaction.

Services available on the equipment

Having developed a close relationship with major manufacturers of equipment, we are able to offer Maintenance programs on a wide range of equipments such as: Computer, printer, Monitor,… We also act as your outsourced network manager for any software implementation, troubleshooting and configuration such as Microsoft Office, Fax software, VPN, FireWall and much more… This program is available on a monthly, annual or per call basis.

  • Revision of the equipment in place for upgrades or renewals
  • Correction of the problems involved in the configuration
  • Installation and configuration of the equipment
  • Wiring, local or remote
  • Tender of equipment, (See the section “Partners” for a partial list of equipment available)

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