Our mobile solution offers powerful tools for your employees and optimizes their day to day.

Your Sales Representatives need to provide to their customers the good information at the right moment. They must gain in autonomy to ensure your client’s needs : Taking orders, making quote, giving the price list, the stock situation, the state of their current orders, any information or document about your products.

All of these is embedded in Weavy.

You want to optimize your Sales organization?

Weavy helps your Sales Force in their day to day routine with SFA (Sales Force Automation) Tools that will help them to organize their visits and prospection.

Have the opportunity to develop Sales Strategy and help your Reps with our marketing tools by defining Sales action plan on targetted customers.

Weavy will help your Sales team to increase their performance and make their life easier!

Weavy uses Events and CRM activities to precomplete reports so it reduces time spent on reporting activities.

Sales meetings can be done in remote as Sales manager can access to each representative’s environment.

Our solution will:

  • Make your CRM project a success thanks to the powerful features it provides for their users
  • Give you a quick and valuable ROI thanks to operational optimizations, upselling tools in the Order Taking System and a lot of time saved!
  • Be fully integrated to your system (PowerWARE ERP or other ERP).
  • Be a user friendly app : Mobile, crossplatform and available in offline mode.


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