PowerWARE Finance will help your business added value with some of the highlighted features below:
  • A complete set of reporting, accounting control, analysis function and cash flow reporting. 
  • The flexible cost centers set-up will help to focus the business activity in detail.
  • Its capacity to generate global consolidated reports allowing a macro-analysis whether you have one or multiple companies. 
  • Multiple currency transactions.
  • The audit trails ensures tighter control, and provides complete transaction security.
  • Traceability is key at all levels and is complemented by easy drill-downs.
  • The Financial Statement preparation module incorporates ratio analysis, notes, facilitates the publication to all levels of management and helps to prepare the audit process while reducing costs.
  • The cash flow reporting allows a full and timely visibility of your obligation and expected incoming cash, including bank reconciliation.
  • The full integration of all of its modules, the PowerWARE-ERP one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market.
finance quasimodo
finance quasimodo