Quasimodo CRM update

Does not concern weavy/Swingmobility users.


As you may already know, Adobe and several browser publishers have announced that they will no longer support Adobe Flash Player by the end of 2020.

Since Quasimodo CRM uses this technology, It became important for us to ensure the sustainability of our software as well as to protect the investments you have made over the years.


We have completed an R&D process to find solutions so that the application can be operational after the 2020 deadline.

Quasimodo CRM will now work as an App will not require a browser anymore. This App will be available on the Windows (Laptop/Tablette) environment.



The targeted users are: desktop, laptop and tablet users operating CRM through browsers such as Chrome, Explorer on Windows.

Solution retained and timelines: We have completed the transformation of the PowerWARE-CRM  into an App that will make it completely independent of browsers.


It is currently available.   You can call us to schedule the transformation of your version. This action is free of charge and included under our Ongoing Support Plan ‘OSP’ . We assure you that there will be minimal impact on your day-to-day business as well as no reduction in CRM functionality. On the contrary, there may even be performance gains among others.


Current and future development: It will be business as usual in terms of CRM development and customization to meet your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice or to give us your feedback.



The targeted users are: users of iPad and Android-based tablets operating CRM through browsers such as Puffin or others.

Solution retained and timelines: Since Puffin is not supported anymore, we experimented with the browser Photon Flash Player and it became a suitable alternative. Other untested browsers could be functional such as Private Browser.

Please note, if these browsers abandon Adobe Flash Player in the future, then our recommendation will be to migrate to Windows or Mac devices or migrate to other mobile solutions sold by Quasimodo.

Current and future development: We will not develop and support for these specific platforms. Unless of course some browser publishers decide to continue Flash support beyond the end of 2020.

Replacement Proposal: Contact us for a replacement offer if you would like to inquire about our alternative solutions for this technology.