We use various methodologies in designing custom made application or simply add on to our core system.

  • Complete analysis and diagnostic of your business environment
  • Assist in putting together systems requirements to respond to your objectives
  • Do a full review of your business information process
  • Selecting practical and cost effective solutions
  • Develop new solutions with modern tools .NET, SQL, PROGRESS
  • Establish implementation plan based on your requirements

Training and Implementation

For many people, the implementation of a software solution is a difficult task; usually not enough time or limited internal resources.  You need to assign this critical mission to a project leader that will coordinate all phases and manage the transition phase.

Under the guidance of your management team, our project implementation team will participate to ensure a smooth and well executed transition plan into the new system.

Here are some of the key activities that we will perform:

  • Define the task of each employee assigned to the project.
  • Define a detailed schedule, including training, specific dates for key activities.
  • Coordinate and execute data conversion.
  • Analyse key industry specific requests and find solution.
  • Follow-up on coming due date and report to management.
  • Launch date preparation and trial.
  • Official launch of new system.

You will then benefit from an experience resource that has one priority, fulfill to your expectation and instill the highest possible efficiency in this important transition phase. Please consult one of our project leaders to find out more about this service.

The training aspect of the system implementation is also critical. It involves teaching new functionalities, polish methods and develops new skills to enable a better utilization of the new system.

We aim to make your staff as autonomous as possible in the shortest period. We offer structured training and on-site, with your information and will try to minimize business disruption.

Training activities will:

  • Maximize the professional utilization of all functionalities of PowerWARE-ERP.
  • Allow you to create your own reports with tools such as Crystal Report.
  • Allow you to extract key data from your database.
  • Show how to integrate with standard Microsoft Tools.

Processes re-engineering that will teach you how to:

  • Implement a full perpetual inventory management
  • Better utilize bar coding for all types of transactions
  • Improve credit control
  • Improve order processing with clients
  • Set-up, track and improve manufacturing processes.
  • Use web based services to improve communication, with your personal on the field or your customers
  • Integrate office automation tools in the day-to-day

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