[November 2022] 50th Anniversary

As part of our 50th anniversary celebration we are ready to reveal the new look of Quasimodo and the release of some new product offerings.

Much has changed in 50 years, and Quasimodo has been able to adapt to the new challenges of each era and bring innovative solutions to the market.

We were among the first ERP systems in Quebec 50 years ago. As new technology became available, we evolved to more graphic solutions and towards more paperless options. We listen to our customers and as such we added offerings of a CRM & WMS package very early on.

With Covid came a change to how people work and do business. In light of these changes, we decided in 2022 to rewrite our products through a 100% web application ecosystem.

Our core system the ERP is now equipped with a panel of web applications to support your processes. This new platform is also a important investment for the future of our developments.