Food Products

This sector must pay attention to all cost elements and is subject to price pressure from economic cycles.

They must:

  • Analyse cost detailed through our accounting and costing module
  • Manage closely all costs, bar usage, inventory with our Bill of Material and WMS.
  • Set-up a detailed activity cost analysis, by cost center through integrator with all Accounting Modules.

Business in the Food Processing sector face stringent regulation, they need to:

  • Ensure full traceability of all ingredients, recipes, raw material and finished goods.
  • Ensure proper turnover and timely utilization of limited shelf life items.
  • Improve the manufacturing and shipment cycles.
  • Eliminate all possible sources of error with product shipping.
  • Deliver on schedule

An innovative company in the poultry meat processing, distributing private and own brand through food chains.

Since 1992, L’Ancêtre Cheese Factory has proudly displayed the Québec Vrai and Biologique Canada/Canada Organic certification labels, which guarantee that our Canadian butters and cheeses are all organic.

Nutrinor, a Lac St-jean Cooperative offers a wide selection of processed dairy products.

Started in 1953 to manufacture baked goods, pies, donuts for the National food chains.