This sector also has its own industry specific requirements and our PowerWare-ERP has been extensively programmed to meet the special needs of this important industry.

Features and benefits:

  • Our Price and Promotion Module will help realize the full economic potential of your relationship with your clients.
  • Our Statistical reporting Module can generate sales and commissions related to your Promotional campaigns, thus enabling you to track the performance on a per-campaign basis.
  • Our tools can manage complex commission calculations and report the results quickly and accurately.
  • Our WMS (warehouse management system) will help eliminate costly shipping errors.
  • Our traceability functionality will enable you to track different lots and batches to facilitate recalls if they occur. This feature will save you valuable time and money in the event of a product recall and can help protect your company’s liability exposure.

Originating in Paris, this company develops manufactures and sells a wide range of skin and body-care products.

Silhouet-tone manufactures and distributes high quality cosmetics in Canada for distribution worldwide. They are also the exclusive Canadian distributor of Sothys brand products.

A leading Canadian manufacturer and distributor of natural based cosmetic products.