Construction Products

The companies in this sector must rapidly respond to project changes, product lifecycle and industry trends, and match the competition closely.

These suppliers must:

  • Improve on the quotation process and improve their winnings with follow-up, through our sales Module.
  • Follow closely the procurement and timely delivery to construction sites, through on WMS and Sales Module.
  • Track special orders on project through our SCM (Supply Chain Management)

A renowned supplier of plumbing, tile, marble, granite. A consortium of many companies operating in Canada and USA.

Created in 1913, Webster & Fils distribute construction material to contractors.

Montreal Brique et Pierre

Created in 1963 Montréal Brick & Stone became with their sites, the most important distributor of masonry products.

Cobra Fixations

A North American manufacturer and distributor of anchors, hooks and hardware product.