The businesses in this sector operate in a highly competitive environment and must deliver a high degree of services. The distribution industry faces major challenges. The critical issues of inventory control, precise landed cost calculation, fulfilment of shipping, elimination of expired product, are well covered in our PowerWARE-ERP.

Among the variety of our offerings, some will address specifically the improvement of the productivity in distribution world, namely:

Functions and benefits :

  • You wish to improve the accuracy of your landed cost calculation, enabling you to better negotiate your sales price, our SCM (SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT) is for you.
  • You wish to fill your orders with exactitude and speed by pointing its location; our WMS (Warehouse Management System) and facilitates all inventory transactions from receiving, transfers to shipping. Our WMS has rich wireless functionalities
  • You wish to automate the exchange of information with your business partners; our E-Commerce Module will provide you with all the favourite EDI templates including ASN.
  • You wish to send information via Outlook or FAX, or Quotations, order confirmation. Our Web services deliver your need to facilitate and reduce the workload of order entry staff.
  • We can offer a portable solution to your representatives to enable them to take orders, inquire prices, deliveries, invoices and do business in the field with their clients as if they were in the office and as a bonus transmit all information using an internet connection to thereby reducing the global workload.