Our mission

Assist company’s management team in the business process improvement by offering software and consulting services to adapt our solutions to the specific needs of each company.

Deliver a wide selection of current software tools at reasonable costs in a short time span with the objective of obtaining a quick ROI (return on investment).

In brief, be attentive in the need of our customer and build a strategic partnership for years to come.

Jean-Pierre Laforge CMA, BAA, MBA | Founder
Serge Laforge MBA | President

Our philosophy

Bring to market progressive business solutions and protect the client’s investment, keeping their long term trust.

In general, this is our philosophy, in day to day, it involves many tasks. Such as creating a technology watch, give members of our team specific mandate for precise and punctual research subject, experiment new tools and solution internally to justify feasibility.

Once all those steps are successfully realized, we then integrate those new functionalities within PowerWARE-ERP. Sometimes, for larger enhancement, we do it in partnership with a client limiting our risk and ensuring real world acceptance.

Every move is done in light of long-term sustainability; it must pass the test of time. That is why our team is so proud of our long term relationship with customers, some dating from over 30 years. We therefore guarantee to new customers that the solution we provided them will be supported long-term, as long as the underlying technology exists.

Our history

The origin of QUASIMODO dates back from 1973 and was the subject of a university project by a group of students at the dawn of the technological invention of computers.

The company has evolved and mastered many technological waves of changes successfully.



Programming in machine language on punched card.

The 80’s

Purchase of the first IBM OC and programming in Basic language. Became the exclusive Canadian distributor of Libra programming, accounting software.

Programming in Business Basic and for the first time in multi-user mode. Became the exclusive Canadian distributor for Thoroughbred software for accounting and distribution in Canada.

Selection of Progress 4 GL as the language to develop our own solution for distribution and manufacturing, called Powerware.

The 90’s

Complete re-engineering of our Powerware application set to integrate new Windows technology, object programming, which then became PowerGUI and recently PowerGUI-ERP. We then supported UNIX and Windows and facilitated the year 2000 phenomenon.

The 2000’s to Today

Total integration of Bar code, RF, RFID technology within our WMS application.

Total integration of EDI Industry standard into our SCM application with the added benefit of integrated mapping functions.

Development of our first web transactional application incorporating modern development tools security, while protecting our client’s investment in PowerWARE-ERP.

Integration of .NET for new portable solution for salesman.

Development of Power Wave CRM suite.

Development of web services to use with all major e-commerce platforms.


As you can see, from these events our team is proactive and remain totally focussed and committed to face any challenge that new technologies will bring our way and embrace it with determination.

We want to take this opportunity to maintain our deepest appreciation for all our clients that encouraged us throughout the years by integrating these new technologies.





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